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Collaborative Robots

Universal Robots specialise in creating highly adaptable and reliable robot arms to assist businesses in all fields and sectors across the world. Their aim is to make robot automation for the many, not just the few.


Co.Robots Benefits

Advanced Technology

With 6 independently controlled axes, each Universal Robot product has the dexterity and precision needed to work in even the most demanding of environments.


A Cobot is a collaborative robot: the cutting edge way to save your business time and money by employing a trusted solution that starts paying for itself from day one, and pays for itself entirely in as little as just 34 days.

Freedom To Innovate

By automating repetitive precision tasks, companies across the world have been able to employ their staff on the innovative projects needed to grow their business.

Automation For The Many

We specialise in putting you in touch with the solutions that will work for your business. By creating a bespoke option that improves your efficiency we can show you that automation is something every business can build into their processes.

Problem-Free Engineering

With field proven solutions and some of the sharpest minds in the industry, Universal Robots create products that work without any of the compatibility issues of other complex competitors.

Seamless Integration

By creating solutions that work for you, we ensure that technology works for your business; not the other way round.

Introducing The UR 10

The proven way to seamlessly build automation into any working environment

  • Simple to program, easy to maintain
  • Move loads up to 10 kg with unrivalled precision and accuracy
  • 1300 mm reach radius with no fall off in accuracy

The UR 10 is the go-to option for manufacturers who are looking to automate processes with no tail off in performance. Simple to use and programmed by easy to learn intuitive software, the UR 10 will be the second pair of hands you have always wanted.


All backed by a Quality Service

Delivery & Installation

We are proud of our record of helping innovative businesses increase their capability so that they can compete in an increasingly global market. A key part of that journey is to offer the best delivery and installation services on the market, and we’re proud to say that they come as standard.


Our spares inventory is an essential part of providing the levels of service that we pride ourselves on. No matter what you need, simply get in touch today and our dedicated team will find the equipment you need to minimise costly downtime. 


We offer comprehensive training on every piece of equipment and system that we provide. By showing you and your staff how to obtain the best results possible using our solutions we can show you how to extract maximum value and performance from your investment. 

Programming Helpline

The Globability Programming Helpline is your one stop shop for all things automated. By putting you in touch with experts in their field, we can offer the timely solutions that every business deserves. 

Service & Support

Whether answering queries, scheduling in routine maintenance, or just offering general advice, we employ people who are not just experts at what they do, but people who love what they do.

On Site Demonstration

Our on site demonstrations are the perfect way to start a return on your investment from the day it is installed. By offering one-on-one and group-based training our engineers will cover everything your team needs to know to get optimal levels of performance from any of our solutions.

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