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Feeder Tools

Eastman feeders are the proven way to quickly and efficiently feed large quantities of fabric into any cutting table. Flexible and versatile, every feeder is adept at working with a wide range of fabrics so that you and your team have more time to focus on the fine details that make all the difference.


Feeders Benefits

Optimal Tension

A dedicated feeding system is the perfect way to introduce your fabric to the cutting table in just the right way, each and every time. With now twists, creases, or distortions, you’ll be able to increase throughput from day one.

The Safe Approach 

Feeders take the strain off your staff in more ways than one. By safely handling and manipulating awkward heavy rolls with minimal oversight, they allow your staff to focus on what they do best.

Unrivalled Control 

A feeding system allows you to introduce fabric at the consist rate needed to maximise the performance of the cutting table. Ideal for making your cuts the right way.

A Scalable Solution

From a standalone cutting shop to a large factory floor, feeding systems offer the additional helping hand that allows you to maximise your resources like never before. With minimal downtime and servicing requirements, a reliable feeding system is the extra pair of hands you will never want to do without again.

Introducing The Power Cradle

The ideal feeding solution for tightly wound materials and industrial textiles

  • Variable speed control and automatic edge control included as standard
  • Proven tilt-back option assists with loading heavier rolls and fabrics
  • End of cloth sensor minimises downtime and increases efficiency

The Power Cradle combines best in class flexibility and efficiency with an intuitive and easy to use introduction system; the ideal combination for increasing throughput and reducing wastage.


All backed by a Quality Service

Delivery & Installation

We are proud of our record of helping innovative businesses increase their capability so that they can compete in an increasingly global market. A key part of that journey is to offer the best delivery and installation services on the market, and we’re proud to say that they come as standard.


Our spares inventory is an essential part of providing the levels of service that we pride ourselves on. No matter what you need, simply get in touch today and our dedicated team will find the equipment you need to minimise costly downtime. 


We offer comprehensive training on every piece of equipment and system that we provide. By showing you and your staff how to obtain the best results possible using our solutions we can show you how to extract maximum value and performance from your investment. 

Programming Helpline

The Globability Programming Helpline is your one stop shop for all things automated. By putting you in touch with experts in their field, we can offer the timely solutions that every business deserves. 

Service & Support

Whether answering queries, scheduling in routine maintenance, or just offering general advice, we employ people who are not just experts at what they do, but people who love what they do.

On Site Demonstration

Our on site demonstrations are the perfect way to start a return on your investment from the day it is installed. By offering one-on-one and group-based training our engineers will cover everything your team needs to know to get optimal levels of performance from any of our solutions.

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