Falcon 548 / 534 End Cutter



Eastman equips Cardinal models 548 and 534 with a special baseplate and handle to work with the Falcon guide track.

The 534 Falcon is suited for light woolens, cotton, silk and synthetics, providing a .5 inch (1.27 cm) of cutting depth.

The 548 Falcon is the choice for woolens, canvas and outerwear materials featuring a cutting capacity of .5 in. – 1 in. (1.27cm – 2.54cm).

Features & Options

  • Utilizes the Eastman Cardinal Round Knife models with a special baseplate and handle
  • Offers increased cutting capacity
  • Higher torque motor for effortless operation
  • Cutting head moves easily across the track, reducing operator stress



Table Widths Available: 48 – 144 in. (1.22m – 3.66m)

Motors: 110v, 1ph, 50/60Hz 220v, 1ph or 3ph, 50/60Hz

Horsepower: Falcon 534 0.20hp, 1ph 0.34hp, 3ph Falcon 548 0.20hp, 1ph 0.48hp, 3ph

Weight with Track & Lifters: Falcon 534 – 65 lbs. (29.5kg) Falcon 548 – 70 lbs. (31.75kg)

Standard Features: Toggle manual switch, pull handle

Options:  Manual lifter, Bias Lifter, Air Lifters, Material Alignment, Push Handle, Swivel Handle

Blade Size: Falcon 534 – 4 in. (10.2cm) Falcon 548 – 5 in. (12.7cm)

Cutting Capacity: Falcon 534 – 0.5 in. (1.27cm) Falcon 548 – 1 in. (2.54cm)

Disclaimer: All indicated specifications, dimensions, weights and performance data are approximate and subject to change without notice.