Auto Track Falcon® II - P

Auto Track Falcon® II - P

2,995.00 5,995.00

For sale x demonstrator Falcon air II fully automatic end cutter 2m wide track and auto lifting mechanism.

Comes complete with UK transformer and 2m tack and auto lifters.

Very little use used fro on site demonstrations and exhibitions.

3 Months warranty

Auto Track Falcon® II Model ATF-II P

  • Labour Saving Automated End Cutting 
    While similar in function to the manually-operated Falcon IV End Cutter, Eastman's Auto Track Falcon II offers decreased labour costs with automatic cutting of perfectly straight lines in repetition. The Auto track Falcon II is also available in a fully pneumatic version, the Autotrack Falcon II-P, for use in areas where voltage fluctuation frequently occur.

    How it Works 
    Material is manually spread along the cutting table. With the press of a button (on the control panel or by remote), lifters are activated with the power of pneumatic air cylinders and the cutting head is driven transversely across the table by a servo-controlled gear motor for a perfectly straight line end cuts 

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